sailor uranus and neptune

Sailor moon Princess Collection America dolls for sale!!!!!!

Okay i am going to be taking orders and requests for Sailor moon princess dolls i have a good sample of them pictured below. these are custom ooak dolls

basically you get a irwin 11.5" doll or if you want the "no-nose type i can do that to. A stand gloves handpainted eyes a lovely princess satin dress and custom shoes.

a custom box is only $5.00 more and the doll comes strapped in.

These dolls are from my personal collection and i have not touched their eyes but i can make stunning hand painted eyes for your dolls.

shipping is included in pricing unless you live outside the USA.

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sailor uranus and neptune

Sailor moon

Hey every-wone this is my first journal entry and i really dont get this website... HELP!!!! how do you sell?? what is the purpose of this website?? and all of that

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